Healdsburg Treehouse

Beyond the functional aspects of the form, branch spacing, and inherent structural dynamics of triangulated forms a strong statement is made by the use of these geometries in the context of a dwelling made for humans in a tree. In the treehouse’s use, meditative pondering of the surrounding architecture may lead one to explore in the mind's eye the deep mysteries that exist of the nesting relationships of volumetric geometries, the energetic structure of our universe. The existence of our flesh, our minds and awareness that comes from it all built around these basic fluctuating geometric relationships.  To be both supported by a living entity and architecturally surrounded by the same underlying geometry in which it and we are made of is a deep spiritual recognition of this relationship. Like many spiritual gathering spaces of ancient architecture in both the east and the west O2 Treehouse uses these geometries to fulfill one of the most important functional qualities treehouses can have, to appeal to our more aspirational desires. Materials: Reclaimed Doug Fir, FSC Certified Chichipate & Walnut, Steel, High Density Polyethylene, Aluminum, Nylon Rope

350sq' - 5 Levels - Entry - Enclosed Room - Meditation Deck - Underfloor Hammock Lounge - 16' Diameter Upper Look Out Platform