Honey Sphere

This custom structure was first exhibited on the grounds of LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art and then moved to its pre-destined home in the backyard of Robby Krieger, guitarist of classic American band The Doors. Robby was looking for a place to relax in his backyard and watch the wildlife as it passed through the woods. He uses The Honey to relax with friends and to create music, often riffing on his acoustic twelve string guitar in the flamenco style. He feels that the structure lends a very magical feeling to its occupants and sparks the imagination of all who enter. The sphere is supported gently by the live oak’s upper branches via steel cabling, preserving the integrity of the tree in order that future generations may enjoy its beauty. Materials: 2nd Growth Red Wood, Doug Fir, Steel Floor System, Steel Interior Hubs

20' Diameter Sphere - 16' Diameter Floor - 210 Openings - 420 Facets - Over 12 Branch Exit Points - Mandala Printed Floor Pattern