• Barnardsville, NC


The beautiful tree covered hills surrounding lovely Asheville, North Carolina. (Pictures featured here are from a past Treewalkers workshop in California.)

The workshop will focus on well balanced instruction of the skills required to install a treehouse platform using O2 Treehouses's Tetratruss platform system. 



ASSEMBLY OF THE TETRATRUSS SYSTEM: Raising the platform and completing the permanent rigging. Including 1 hour rotation where participants will have the opportunity to install an O2 Treehouse Treeton or TAB (treehouse attachment bolt) in a test stump.

RAISING OF THE TETRATRUSS SYSTEM: The Tetratruss platform will be poised and ready for hoisting. The whole Treewalkers team will come together in a joint effort to bring the structure aloft.  This will be a glorious moment in the workshop as the skills learned throughout will be applied and proven. Participants will turn into functioning members of the installation crew as we assign guide lines, chain hoist functions and assist riggers to complete the operation.


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Early Bird Pricing ends 1 month prior (03/18) to the workshop start date.  We want you to join us! If you're almost there but not quite, let us know. There are a few volunteer position opportunities available! Call 323 404-8014 with questions. 

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Basic Schedule

Thursday April 18th - Arrive anytime between 9a and 12p for a meet & greet and casual breakfast. Workshop will begin at noon.


Skills Session - DESIGN & COMPUTER MODELING: Large group presentation of past O2 Treehouses, followed by a design your own treehouse charrette.

Skills Session - TREE SCANNING AND TREE HEALTH: A longer session of 3.5 hours during which teams will split up into rotations, moving between assembly of the Tetratruss system and Tree Scanning and Tree Health Skills Sessions.

Skills Session - KNOTS & TREE CLIMBING: Each team will rotate one round of 1.5 hours each between a Skills Session with instructors and assembly of the Tetratruss. 

Skills Session - RIGGING & ENGINEERING: During this Skills Session, Treewalkers will rotate once again between assembly of the Tetratruss and instruction, 1.5 hours each. This session will run parallel with the O2 Treehouse crew's installation of the temporary rigging lines. Participants will be able to immediately apply skills learned to assist with this effort. 

With the structure floating the team will continue to work to switch out temporary rigging lines with permanent wire rope rigging lines. The Treewalkers team will be able to see all of the skills learned in the workshop instruction applied and feel the satisfaction of a completed treehouse installation.

CLOSING CEREMONY: Participants will be inducted into the Treewalkers Society of builders! :)

FINAL BONFIRE & TALENT SHOW: Treewalkers are invited to camp the final night and join together for a last group bonfire and participant Talent Show.

Monday April 22nd - The closing ceremony will be held at noon on the 22nd. You are welcome to stick around and hang out after the ceremony - there may be an optional zipline tour at Navitat schedule for the afternoon! If you stay, you are welcome to camp an additional night on the land.



MORNING YOGA WITH CERTIFIED YOGA INSTRUCTOR - stretch and awaken those tired muscles to get them ready for a new day of fun!


NIGHTLY BONFIRES - a chance to relax together and connect on the day's challenges, AHA moments and achievements.


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Packing List


Tent & Camping Chair

Bed roll & Pillow

Blanket & Sleeping Bag

Flash Light

Favorite Snacks 

Drinks of Choice


Winter hat & Gloves

Wool socks

Fleece Under Layer

Wind Breaker & Rain Coat


Sturdy shoes

Work gloves

Safety Glasses

Pens or pencils

Note Book 


Tooth brush & Paste

Shower Towel

Soap - Also Provided 

Flip Flops 

Chapstick & Sunscreen



This will be a 'primitive camp' set up, so please come prepared with supplies that you may need for your routine such as a camping mirror.

Facilities will include a propane on demand mobile water heater and porta-john, which will be set up in a private area of the yard and curtained off.

Fresh water will be available for drinking and other specific needs. There will be a camp type shower setup as well.

If you have additional needs that are not covered here, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate them. However due to the nature of the site, we cannot guarantee anything beyond what is detailed above.



Facilitators - TBA