Geo East House

The Geo East is nestled within the organic gardens of the East House Community in Los Angeles where it is well loved and enjoyed as a gathering place for community meetings, yoga, meditation, body movement classes, and many other activities. It has been coined the ‘activation station’ by the inhabitants and visitors of East, as it is a place where people love to come together to discuss creating positive change within the community. This is the beginning of a series of GEOs that O2 Treehouse intends to build for this very purpose in community gardens across California (and the world!) These geodesic kits can easily be used as vertical gardens or even greenhouses, adding to both its beauty and its practicality. Materials: Doug Fir, Steel Hubs, Digitally Printed Pattern on Wood, Recycled Paints

14' Diameter - 100sq' - "Lunar Lander" Legs - Plant Hooks