Treehouse Village

The Tree Village was built for a family of four in the valley-shaped backyard of their Beverly Hills home. A 55-foot long floating rope-bridge connects a diamond shaped open deck, accessed by a wooden staircase from the forest floor, to a geodesic sphere. The bridge’s slat and pin style construction allows for safe yet free-flowing movement, giving occupants the feeling that they are walking on air as they traverse between structures. The sphere can also be entered via rope ladder and trap door, which is speedily arrived at by a zip line starting near the back door of the main house and arrives near the bottom of the rope ladder. Both the rope bridge and the sphere are rigged amongst multiple trees, using tension plates to secure directionality and form and distribute weight. Since its debut in 2008, the Tree Village has been lovingly used by the whole family for work and play, entertaining and relaxation. The magical, whimsical qualities of this treehouse village have not only captured the hearts of the many whom have visited, but also started a word of mouth fire, putting O2 Treehouse on the map in its new home in California. Materials: Steel Frame & Hubs, Marine Grade Plywood Floor, HDPE canopy, Doug Fir Decking & Rope Bridge, Poly Canvas Canopy

Geodesic Sphere 100sq' - 12' Diameter - 10' Peak Roof Height - 22' Hight - Entry Rope Ladder - Diamond 144sq' -  12x12' Floor Plane - 12' Peak Height - 20' Hight - Stare Case Entry - 55' Long Rope Bridge