Tree Tower

10' diameter icosahedron open deck frame with deck. Club house sits 12' atop a recycled telephone pole with two sub hang platforms. A ladder ascends the tower through a trap door in the floor to the upper perch.  The family with to young boys wanted something that their kids would have unlimited jungle gym play on and also offer a creativity potential that most playgrounds do not posses.  The yard had very limited space and no capable trees.  We brought in our own tree that provided multiple levels to perch from with the ultimate crows nest look out tower. The structure also had a ground level platform about 3 feet high as well as a monkey bars that traversed from the tree tower to jungle gym bars. The final touch on the structure is a swinging rope that hangs down from the upper platform and rope ladder leading out of the back of the upper platform. The kids were thrilled with the structure and have since come up with countless games involving the tower. Materials: Doug Fir, Recycled Telephone Pole, Steel Hubs, Concrete

30sq' - 15' Height - Entry ladder - Underfloor Crawl Space - Rope Swing - Monkey Bars