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Designer and builder Dustin Feider started O2Treehouse with the intention to inspire people to reconsider how we can more harmlessly co-exist with nature. O2Treehouse was born in 2005 when Dustin Feider built his first geodesic structure 50 feet up in a Poplar tree in Pewaukee, Wisconsin as his thesis project, completing his BFA in Furniture Design from Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Dustin’s treehouse designs have received national and international recognition in the design community, appearing in over 50 design publications and television shows around the world, most notably Popular Mechanics, Dwell and Wired Magazine. Most recently, he was featured on Animal Planets “Ultimate Treehouses”, and "Treehouse Masters".

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Tree ninja. Master rigger. Foreman. Winner for Most OG O2 Tree.



Professional tree hugger, creative charmer, life lover, sander extraordinaire, and plant enthusiast.

Hadley would rather spend most days in the canopy of a Redwood tree, but she stays grounded by building dream homes for people in search of a more meaningful relationship with nature.

She has a New Mexico heart, a California state of mind, and is living the Peter Pan dream.



A pinch-hitter for O2 Treehouse for years, Heather finally joined the team full-time in 2018. The resident jill of all trades, Heather’s role has quickly become crucial to smooth day to day operation as she floats between business management, project management, marketing and outreach, event planning, and everything in between. Her positive attitude, organization, quick thinking and creativity are a boon to the helm of the team. With a background in general management, a penchant for planning, and a passion for nature and sustainability, she is happy as a gnome to be a part of the O2 Treehouse family.



Naama is our intern from India . She has been building stages and structures for aerial performers with bamboo and now wants to move on to learning how to build tree houses with her primary motive to understand how to rig up structures that are suspended and take a step forward towards building play structures for both, adults and children .



Forrest Kelly has over 15 years professional experience as arborist and treehouse builder. His diverse skill set has taken him the world over facilitating workshops in tree climbing and yoga. Forrest's early beginnings provided him with immense exposure to the treetops of South Carolina. His early passion for the outdoors and environmental stewardship connected him with a thriving local counter culture in Asheville NC, where with his good nature and keen wit he quickly expanded his network coast to coast and to Central America. Kelly's skill as a beat boxer brought him recognition through his work in the musical group Rising Appalachia. Be sure to ask Kelly about his years spent tree walking the canopies of northern California as a tree sitter, the numerous treehouses he has called home over the years, and his passion for slack-lining.

Kelly currently stewards his two land projects in Barnardsville, North Carolina where he also runs an arborist business and lives in his newly built geodesic sphere treehouse. Forrest has been a valuable part of the O2 Treehouse crew since 2012.

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Upon landing at UC Santa Cruz in 2001 to study Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Nick was inspired to start climbing trees.  Since then, he has followed an aerial lifestyle, building and living in his own off-grid treehouses in California's coastal forests for 12 years.  He has professionally explored the art and creativity of aerial construction, designing and leading the installations of large scale zipline canopy tours and aerial adventure parks at premiere locations throughout the U.S.

Nick is driven by a passion to build community through experiences in nature.  By getting people in the air, out of their comfort zones, and supported by living structures, he hopes to galvanize a new understanding of our relationships with each other and our planet. He aspires to inspire people to reduce their ecological impact and to live differently.





Builder and photographer Brian Capobianchi joined O2 in 2017, just 2 years after relocating to the California coast from New England in search of a more creative lifestyle. Fresh off building in Big Sur with close friend and world renowned human-nest builder Jayson Fann, he made his way north to the greater Bay Area and the Santa Cruz Mountains. The intention was set to begin a life as a treehouse builder and as these things go, within a couple of weeks, he was introduced to Dustin Feider.

Brian has been a major contributor to works that can be seen and experienced from the peak of Aspen Mountain to the stream by the Basalt Regional Library and from the 2017 Global Eclipse Gathering Furtherrr Stage to 2018's Lightning In A Bottle as well as countless other installations on private properties throughout California and beyond.