Sky Bungalow 

In acknowledgment and respect to the presiding architectural vernaculars the design with its steep roof, dormer style windows and exposed roof rafters take cues from French Provincial, Bungalow, and Second Empire architectural styles.  The wonderful eye candy roof bridges the design with child's fantasy story "Hansel and Gretel" or "The Adventures of Mark Twain".  The structure sits atop a recently topped Spruce tree and is entered via a trunk ladder and trap door. The front 4' diameter port window opens allowing ample fresh air into the structure. This treehouse, perfectly distinct and fantastical, undoubtedly will be a lasting childhood memory for the three boys who call it their own.  Materials: Steel Support Frame, Cedar Siding, Marine Plywood, Tar paper, Pine, Acrylic

6'x9'x11' - 54sq' - 8' high 10' Floor Height - Underfloor Entry Hangout - 2 x 4' Diameter Windows - 2 Dormer Windows - 9' Peak Roof Height