By opening up the interior space just underneath the canopy of the tree the Calistoga project reveals the best part of being in a tree, its leafy canopy. The multilevel space creates kinetic ares in which the tree can be enjoyed from various perspectives while in play and in rest. The cantilevered enclosed space provides overnight guest accommodations or a floating club house in the sky for sleep overs, of course depending upon the company you keep. The trap door entry separated by a long cat walk recalls the fantasy of a chasm that must be crossed by jaw bridge to access the magical treehouse castle that lies beyond. The structure was styled to reflect the vernacular of other existing buildings on the property. Materials: Kiln Dried Doug Fir, Steel, Cedar Decking & Siding, Galvanized Corrugated Roofing, Maple Finish Paneling, Acrylic, Steel Cable

370sq' Total - 6'x8' Enclosed Space - 15' Long Cat Walk Entry - Two Woven Recycled Climbing Rope Built In Hammocks, Rope Pulley, Two Swings, 4 Levels, Two Interior Ladders, Trap Door Entry