Bamboo Tripod

The Healy-Browns came to O2 Treehouse looking to build a unique play structure for their two young, highly energetic boys. The challenge was that their backyard was barely bigger than a Volkswagen Bug. The resulting bamboo play structure was constructed using a tensegrity tri-pod. It includes two hanging platforms, a catwalk, a bamboo sanctuary, and several rope ladders. A climbing rope hangs in between the two platforms, acting as both a swing and a quick getaway. One of the best features of this bamboo wonderland is a long catwalk of live bamboo that disappears into a bamboo thicket. On squelching summer days, one can find relief from the sun of the upper platforms by descending to this cool, shaded corridor. If you have your monkey chops, a secret exit will bring you through the branches down to the ground. Best of all, the structure footprint takes up no more than 80 square feet, leaving the Healy-Browns and their guests enough room to move about the yard and still easily use the back exit. Materials: Guadua Bamboo, Doug Fir Decking, Steel Brackets, Concrete, Nylon Play Netting, Rope

95sq' - Bamboo Tensegrity - 2 Platforms 6' & 11' Height - Two Rope Ladder Entry - Swing Rope - Cat Walk -  Bamboo Grove Play Area