Copper Nest

Located just outside of Milwaukee WI, this locale enjoys the full richness and beauty of the changing seasons. Therefore, O2 Treehouse’s approach was to create a fully immersed forest environment that would tie in their pre-existing deck, with a size increase that would support larger numbers yet still remain small enough not to deter from the natural beauty of the garden/forest environment. It was important to create an access point between the gardens in the yard and the 8′ raised deck space, while still maintaining a lofted and inaccessible treehouse-like feeling. This was achieved via a slowly stepped side entry that blends conversation from the deck into the side gardens. A shift in the stain color down the middle of the deck subtly outlines a walk way to direct the natural flow of traffic from the deck’s patio entry to the 27′ cat walk. This ‘yellow brick road’ then extends from the edge of the deck into the heart of the woods, connecting to one of O2 Treehouse’s pre-designed geodesic models The Copper Nest Sequoia was also customized with 45 steel awnings, given a rust patina to lend a weathered, bucolic aesthetic, and a fully screened in canopy to protect it’s guests from those that buzz and bite.

 Materials: Cedar, 50% Reclaimed Wood, Steel Hubs, Screen, Rebar & Tubing

13′ Diameter Geodesic Treehouse - 700 sq ft Deck - Custom Canopy - 20' Cat Walk - Sits Atop 5 Tetrahedron Bases