Leif House

The Leif House is the original O2 Treehouse geodesic dome design, dubbed the ‘floating lantern’ by many because of the striking glowing silhouette it poses against the night sky. It is to date still the highest aloft and the lightest structure built by O2 Treehouse. Weighing in at only 1,200 pounds, the Leif House was kept ultra light by utilizing aluminum struts for the frame and recycled plastic for the flooring, canopy, and basket lift. This iconic Buckminster Fuller inspired design was the spark that lit the O2 Treehouse flame. The Leif House’s combination of formal sculptural sensibilities, functional design and environmental sensibility stand as an enduring example of the O2 Treehouse mission, to inspire humanity to reconsider how it can co-exist with nature in aesthetically unique yet sustainable ways. Materials: Aluminum, Marine Plywood, Recycled Plastic HDPE Flooring, HDPE Canopy

100sq' - 13' Diameter - 10' Peak Roof Height - 50' height - 25 Zipper Windows - Basket Winch Entry