Geyserville - Treewalkers

The Geyserville installation of the Treewalkers Octa-Truss Modular Treehome System boasts a breathtaking view with its upper 10' diameter platform sitting 60' atop a grandfather Douglas Fir tree; a lower 20' diameter platform sits just below at 40' high.  Sonoma Counties Geyserville with its proximity to the Pacific Ocean makes for lush landscapes and fog filled valleys. On a hot day the owners bask in the sun and soak up a 360° view of the rolling landscape as the eagles swoop across at eye level.  A single span stair case accesses directly into the platform through a trap door and for a quick exit, a 320' zip line. For more information about Treewalkers see Workshops. Materials: Red Wood, Steel Hubs, Cable Railing, Steel Ladder

400sq' 20' Diameter Platform @ 40' - 100sq' 10' Diameter Platform @ 60' - 35' Continues Span Suspension Ladder